We are two kindred spirits who have spent their lives traveling the world, off the beaten path, and who would like to share our experiences with other like-minded souls, so that you could discover this beautiful world without the golden arches.


Place in the Bulgarian mountains where we crashed on the way overnight.

We will  jot down all our favourite places, such as this beautiful roadtrip through the Bulgarian mountains that we blazed together with two Singapore girls, while other Trail Blazers could show the way where we have not explored. (Although some have said that, ironically, we are actually blazing trails for the white monkeys and turning them into white monkey roads! Take our poll and give us your feedback.)

The hotels we recommend will tend to be on the budget end, friendly hostels where we ourselves would like to stay, rated in terms of homeliness and monkeylessness.

The term “white monkeys” was coined by a Thai local when describing some of the tourists visiting his country. If you are rated by our selected hotels as having a monkey factor of zero, you can consider yourself an OWMR. If you spend time and travel with other owmrs, you can consider yourself ohming with owmrs.

Trail Blazers will also have the opportunity for free room and accommodation, as many establishments off the beaten path will not have a website. A blazer will have a reasonably good quality photo/video camera to help put together an establishment’s website, which will include cool things to do in the area, quality and affordable restaurants, while the blazer will have sufficient writing skills to describe what makes each place special.

In exchange for the room and accommodation, and a small initial charge, we will make the website for them, compatible with small devices like smartphones (crucial for travelers wanting to book their way forward), complete with online booking, search engine optimization and all else as we are doing now for a hotel in Borneo which originally inspired this idea. The deposits paid for booking through the site we create for them will go towards paying off the rest of the costs of creating and marketing it.

In this way we hope to create a chain of friendly and affordable places to make it easier for those travelers who want to get off the beaten path and discover the true soul of a country with its people.

Some places though will want to remain a guarded secret, without a web presence. Real special jewels, available only to an elite membership of owmrs who have proved themselves to have zero monkey status.

If you know of any cool places or would like to be a trail blazer, we’d love to hear from you!

Another of my all time favourite road trips!

Below is a list of some of our brainstorming phrases:

Beautiful places with not white faces.

Materialise your dreams.

Experience the adventure.

Kindred spirits.

Life as it should be lived.

Independent traveller.

Explore the real world.

Meet the real people.

Tell us your adventure.

Shared experiences.

Beautiful places, beautiful people.

Off the beaten path.

learn / awesome / new / essence / feel

Meet the neighbours.

Get the real feeling.

Just do it.

Live your dream.

Do what you want.

local / be a star (shine)

Fear of death in your eyes (living on the edge wakes you up)

Path blazer / finder.

On the fast track to the local heart.

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