Are we blazing trails for the white monkeys?

Some have said that, by creating these pages, we are in fact blazing the way for the white monkeys and bringing the golden arches to the most distant corners of the planet. I thought about it for a while and found arguments against that, although I would be interested in your comments or the overall consensus.

Ansel Adams - off the white monkey road

Ansel Adams – off the white monkey road

On the one hand, I would like to set up a rating system for the resorts to grade their guests according to monkey factor, so others can decide if they want to host them at all. Many places will take anyone, but some places want to remain off the beaten path and be selective of which guests they accept. So this will have a deterring effect for those places who want to keep their place tranquil and only invite respectful travelers.
Another point is that white monkeys generally prefer convenience, staying in cities so they can wander around aimlessly spending money, feel safe in guided tour packages or official tour lines, and not go out of the way to rough it in nature.
On the other hand, investors who want to build a resort will certainly have enough money to explore an area themselves. Sheraton and McDonalds will not build an outpost on the top of Mount Everest or in some remote, pristine canyon unless there is already a highway and regular bus service going there. They will invest where the money is, which is where the people already are.
To say we are blazing the trail for white monkeys is like saying the BBC’s documentary Planet, with David Attenborough, is opening the floodgates of destruction to the most beautiful places on the planet, just because it brought awareness of them to a broader audience. Or it’s like saying that Paul Simon raped mother Africa because he made an album with a few of its beats and melodies.
But it did give me the idea that perhaps we could be just a little more vague in our instructions how to get to a place. Force our viewers into a little unforeseen adventure of their own, while making things even scarier and uncertain for the monkeys.
Would be interested in your feedback!

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