Trail Blazers

We know a few wonderful trails around the world, and would love to explore more, but the world is obviously way too big for us to cover ourselves. Which is why we are dependent on others to help us expand this website. In exchange we can provide the tools or tips to reward the adventurous blazers with free accommodation and food at the various establishments.

ansel adams portrait

Ansel, a true blazer.

You can find a great little backpacker’s lodge which doesn’t have a website and we’ll offer to make one for them. If they already have a website, perhaps we could develop it further, making it smartphone compatible, with online booking form and other technical advice, get it to the top of google for its area and add it to our network. Basically, a blazer will have to be a salesman to convince the establishment to offer them whatever they can get away with. While there the blazer would take pictures of the area (reasonable quality camera and photography skills required), cut out interesting trails or things to do in the there (mapping out with a GPS device would be useful), hopefully go on some tour packages for free, and write a good and interesting report to guide others (half decent writing skills required). If you’d like to get involved with this and help reduce your travel costs, feel free to contact us through the form below and we’d be happy to start talking. Or if you’ve already been there and have some great suggestions, that would be fantastic too. So far though, we’d like to target this site for the adventurous budget traveler and not create some sort of across-the-board alternative to trip advisor. Although we would like to have a rating system for any resorts that fit our qualifications, so that members can rate them and post comments. Likewise, resorts will be able to rate and post comments about our member guests (as some really do want to keep out the monkeys), and a qualified blazer should always be respectable and maintain a good reputation among them. Blazers are, after all, like our representatives. As this site continues to develop, so will this page with additional info. Lookin’ forward to your feedback! ansel adams mountain clouds


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